SME Group Benefits

The power of grouping. Offer your employees and self-employed workers an unbeatable proposal with Odyssey.

Odyssey's goal is to be the link between the insured, the managers and the insurer.

We offer you a turnkey service including:

Analysis of your current program;

Advice on financial aspects;

Advice on tax aspects;

Employer administration assistance;

Quotes with different insurance companies;

Comparison analysis;

Personalized recommendations;

Employee information session;

Program enforcement;

Implementation of the IT management system;

Group insurance renewal analysis;

Customer service;

Web service.

If you currently have a program:

We can take the mandate to negotiate a better program for you and get fast and personalized service.

If you wish to  get a quote or advice on setting up group benefits:

We can help you set up a program that suits your needs and those of your employees.