Self-Employed Workers

Get the best of both worlds between group and individual insurance. Treat yourself to tailor-made solutions and decide what protections you need.

Our custom made insurance plans offer you the possibility to obtain protections that are usualy found in group benefit plans, by grouping individual policies.

Protections offered to you and your family:

  • Health insurance;
  • Deluxe travel insurance;
  • Dental plan;
  • Disability insurance;
  • Business overhead disability insurance;
  • Critical illness insurance;
  • Life insurance.

And many more protections to customize your plan.


  • You only choose the protections that you really need;
  • You build your own plan according to your budget;
  • Some protections offer leveled premiums up to age 65;
  • You may keep your health and dental coverage until age 99;
  • Extremely competitive rates;
  • Stable premiums because they are pooled with all Canadian contracts;
  • Some protections require no medical examination.

Do like many self-employed workers do, and protect yourself at a good price!